Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Busy week

Monday- Met my friend Chelsea at a park so we could catch up and I could borrow a dress for my brothers wedding. The weather was so perfect and after the park we went to chick fil a. My kids were more than happy to take naps. Knox woke up feeling pretty sick so we spent the rest of the day snuggling and doing breathing treatments.

Tuesday-  My friend Carley flew back after having move all her things to a different state to finish cleaning out her apartment. I could t help out with the cleaning due to a very whiny and clingy two year old but I was able to give her and her dad a ride to the airport. We had lunch at In-N-Out before they left but it was fun to get to see her one last time before she left. When we got home Trevor was ready for dinner so we went out for delicious tacos at Backyard Taco and i had my first Mexican Coke. I was skeptical that it would taste exactly the same but it was so so good. Perfect ration of syrup and carbonation. The weather was so nice so we took a walk and then came home and watched a scary movie after the kids went to bed.

Wednesday- We were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch but found out the corn maze was closed so we postponed until Friday.  Instead we spent the whole day outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We got milkshakes and went to our favorite pond to walk around and play. Then we can home and got ready for my photoshoot.  I was a little nervous that we wouldn't have enough light since the sun has been setting so early but it was perfect. There was a nice breeze and a double rainbow and a beautiful sunset. The kids had fun too minus being scared of the choya cactus. I got about a hundred stuck to my shoes. The lighting was perfect and just as we were packing up it started to rain which we love here in Arizona so we got to watch the storm make its way across the valley.

Thursday- I was extremely tired but we woke up early to meet kirra's preschool class at the aquarium.   It was so perfect because we were the first group and we had the place all to ourselves so we didn't have to fight the crowds to see anything. After the aquarium we grabbed lunch at the mall and I did a little shopping. I was supposed to get things for Knox but just kept finding cute things for Kirra. Knox fell asleep halfway through my shopping which allowed me to stay a little longer and actually enjoy myself. Kirra loves trying stuff on and I love to dress her. I also like that she gives me her opinion about my clothes now. We got home late and the kids were exhausted so we took a rest and then went out with Trev to get some groceries. Trev had to work so the kids and I watched cartoon Halloween movies.

this picture is funny because we were in a room surrounded by glass and sharks were swimming all around us and Knox did NOT want to touch the floor
This is my kid everywhere I go
Friday-  I woke up feeling so so tired. I had decided I would spend all morning in bed but Trevor texted me and said he wanted to go to the pumpkin patch early since we live so close and your pass is good all day. We went ALL morning long. I don't know who had more fun, Trevor or the kids, but it was not a disappointment in any way. We even managed to do the three mile corn maze and make it out alive. We went home for lunch and naps and then later Kirra and I had a little girls night and went back alone.  It was a blast!  It had cooled down quite a bit and it wasn't very busy at all.  Even though I am feeling pretty pregnant these days I tried really hard to keep up with my girl and jumped and slid and sang until I wanted to drop.  Then of course we had to end our night with ice cream.  The whole way home Kirra kept saying, "I love girls night!" and I had to agree with her.

Had to stop for a drink break before we braved the corn maze
Saturday-  Trevor watched the kids while I went to an all day Super Saturday.  I love to craft.  I love it even more when someone else gives me all the materials I need and feeds me lunch and I have lots of fun women to talk to.  My crafts came out great and I was happy to come home and spend the rest of the day being lazy with my family.  Next week I leave for Virginia so Sunday will definitely be used to rest!

I hadn't taken all the vinyl off this one yet but these signs turned out awesome

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Bump

On Kirra's birthday this year we found out we were pregnant.  We had not been trying to get pregnant so I was kind of in shock and a little disappointed.  I like to be in control of things of things in my life and this baby seemed to be coming too soon.  Knox is too young,  Kirra is starting school and my life is finally getting a little easier, I finally started loosing weight.  And then there is the sickness.  That is how I knew I was pregnant.  I was sick all day and I knew that I could expect to be sick everyday after for the next few months.  All these thoughts were running through my head and I was terrified.  And I felt like an awful mother for having these thoughts.  I became very depressed.  Then somewhere along the way this baby found a way to steal my heart.  I don't know when it started but I gained a connection with this sweet baby like I haven't felt before.  I know it is silly but I feel like this baby is very aware of our family and already loves us.  My kids love to feel the baby kick and talk to the baby, and take naps on my belly while they "snuggle the baby."  Maybe it is seeing how excited they are but I really feel strongly that this little one is supposed to be ours and is supposed to come at this time.  I am pretty sure this will be our last baby so I really wanted to get some pretty pregnancy pictures.  For one reason or another I never did them with my other two.  It actually turned into a really fun evening and Trevor did such a good job.  I usually get really nervous having my picture taken because I am not very photogenic and I am trying to focus on keeping my lazy eye open, and keeping a good posture and not looking stupid in front of whoever is taking my picture.  It was so much easier to relax when it was just Trevor.  I think he did a pretty great job and I am so glad I have these to remember this difficult but awesome time in my life.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The past few months have been crazy at our house and I have been very anxious to develop some sort of routine.  Kirra starting preschool has definitely helped.  It has helped her to overcome her hatred of bedtime rituals because she knows in the morning she gets to go to school and be with friends.  I love dropping her off and having a few hours to focus on Knox.  I also love picking her up and coming home for lunch, homework, and naps.  And I really have loved our afternoons at home.  Trevor's schedule allows him to have dinner with us every night which I LOVE, especially when he does the making of the dinner.  He also only works three nights a week so on the nights he is home we have been taking nice long evening walks to enjoy the weather and have some quality time without any distractions.  I usually don't enjoy so much normalcy and look forward to our spontaneous days, but lately I have been loving our seemingly boring schedule.  Our afternoons at home have been perfect and I know life will not stay this simple forever but for now I will enjoy every minute of it.

I love these afternoons when my kids just play together

I sent them outside to collect acorns for a project I want to do and they loved it

Kirra choose to do an acorn flower mix

Knox only picked up a few and he was very proud of them

My favorite is when he decides on his own that its bedtime

Monday, July 27, 2015

Kirra turns 4

We are two months late but I didn't want to miss out on writing about my beautiful 4 year old!  It is hard to believe Kirra has been part of our family for four years.  She is such as amazing girl and I can't begin to list all the things about her that we love but I will try.  For one she is so so talented.  Since Kirra was even a baby she has had a very determined mind.  When she wants to learn to do something (like walk at 7 months old) she does it.  This year she wanted to learn to ride a bike with no training wheels.  Every day for a week she would wake up, put her helmet on, and get to work.  She was at the bike park with her dad in less than a week.  Now she is trying to master riding over curbs and refuses to simply ride on the sidewalk.  She has also really improved her swimming.  She wanted to learn to swim to the bottom of the pool and every time we would go she would ask me to throw things on the bottom so she could try and swim down to get them.  I love that once she puts her mind to something she does it.  I don't see anything holding this girl back ever.  She is also so very artistic.  She will spend hours coloring pictures and I love that she doesn't have to follow any guidelines.  She can color people purple and green and any color she chooses and I am always amazed at how beautiful they turn out.  She also is my favorite hair stylist.  At night she will go get a brush and clips and play with my hair which I LOVE.  She is determine to learn how to braid and I love watching her make progress.  Kirra continues to be a friend to everyone she meets.  She is the best part of me and Trevor and even though we drive each other crazy sometimes she is my best friend and I am so lucky to be her mom.

Forgot to mention what an AMAZING big sister she is.  She has this kids back.

We had a pool party for Kirra and it was a great turn out.  She got to eat pizza and cake and pay pin the tail on the pony.

Birthday morning did not disappoint